Tuesday, September 9, 2008

school has started, evan's birthday, and brief thoughts on the election

my last update was quite a while ago. since then, much has happened. in june, i turned the big three-oh. i was kind of distressing for me. there is no longer the illusion that i can join in on the twenty-something crowd at the bar and fit in (not that i did that anyway, but now it is well and truly passed).

in july, my family celebrated the birth of our great nation! we had a wonderful time watching the parade, going to the city festivities, watching the fireworks, and spending time with family and friends. we also took a family vacation to las vegas so my dad could see hoover dam and a few shows. i have great memories and have started a scrapbook for my dad.

in august, paul and i celebrated our 8-year wedding anniversary. whoot! we also had a couple family reunions - one with my mom's side of the family, one with my dad's side of the family, and one on paul's dad's side of the family. very busy, but i enjoyed it very much.

now it is september; school is in session, and the air is much cooler. we don't have a single free weekend until the first week in november. it seems like we are constantly busy. :) but, i guess that is just how life is. both boys are going full-time which feels strange, and yet good. i go to bible study monday mornings until noon. tuesday is my day to clean the house, run errands and meet friends for lunch. wednesday's are spent volunteering in the classroom, helping out the teacher and keeping in touch with evan and ryan. on thursday afternoons, i take an exercise class at our community center. fridays are left free for packing and travel. i am also taking an 8-week class on monday and wednesday nights to learn knitting. wish my poor teacher luck. lol. the rest of my free time is spent working on my reviews, and updating our website. fun stuff (am i really the world's most boring mom? heehee.)!

evan turns 7 later this month. how can that be? it seems like just yesterday he was saying 'me-me' for cat. sigh. he is such a little grown-up. from here on out, he is little man and no longer a little boy. loosing teeth, puberty, sports teams, leaving home...

paul and i are so thrilled to be keeping up with the exciting election this year. what an unprecedented race! the first black candidate for president, and a woman vice-presidential candidate. no matter who wins (i am hoping for the republican party to prevail), it is going to be a historical event. since political science was my major in college, i am happy to be following it, and to see how the internet has really changed the face of politics. it is interesting to me how the mainstream media runs stories put out by unscrupulous bloggers without checking the facts first, or that some supposedly "unbiased" reporters show their bias during coverage (and get kicked out of their reporting position - ha!). of course, what constitutes a story is sometimes outrageous and blown waaaaaay out of proportion. but, well...bring it on. :) when i am not rolling my eyes, it has a way of opening dialogue, not just between the two major candidates, but also with my neighbors and friends. go mccain and palin!
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