Tuesday, October 28, 2008

october went by at the speed of light

it has been awhile since i updated this blog. but i have to say that i am stoked that i even recall this old 'new year's resolution' from time to time. lol. i got out my list this weekend and i haven't dropped a single one. how 'bout that?

october was a great month, a busy month. we didn't have a chance to go up into the mountains this year to see the colorful fall foliage. next best thing? our very own deciduous tree in the front yard. what we did instead: we went up to visit family, i cut 14 inches off my hair for 'locks of love', good friends of ours got married (a friend stayed with us; and we got to see numerous old college buddies - so fun!), family came down to go to a broncos game, hubby had a birthday, more family came down to visit (we went to the pumpkin patch and a fun hibachi restaurant), and halloween is coming soon. whew!

halloween is one of my least favorite holiday's. i just don't like it. i hate that my kids want to talk about ghosts or witches. i hate that other kids think it is okay to play pranks and try to frighten other people. i hate that they all feel entitled to a stranger giving them something. i hate that my kids come home with a full year's worth of candy (and want to eat it all right away). yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck!

but i love pumpkins and gourds and corn stalks and indian corn and scarecrows. so even though i despise halloween, our house is decorated for fall and will stay that way until thanksgiving.

with the end of october comes the election. i have been a political junkie for the last couple of months, reading and watching every bit of news on the two candidates. to say that i have been following this one closely is an understatement. i even got involved and volunteered my time this year instead of just my money. unfortunately, i think my candidate is going to lose. maybe mccain/palin can pull off a miracle but i just do not see it happening. another yuck.

i finally broke down and got on facebook. 145 friends in 2 days! when did i become miss popular? it must have been after high school. :) anyway, that was our october.
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