Friday, November 30, 2012

i am thankful

i spent the month jotting down one small thing that i appreciated.  here is my november list:

1. to bed at 11 and up at 3 with a poor boy who had an earache. i am dragging but i got in a 6 mile walk this morning. i am thankful for small miracles.
2. "girl, look at this body. girl, look at this body. girl, look at this body. i work out!" i am thankful for music that helps me push one more mile when i don't think i can go any further.
3. i am thankful for a lazy saturday morning (that hopefully morphs into a productive saturday afternoon).
4. 67 miles this week! i am thankful that dailymile keeps track of my walking/running/biking routes. come join me over there -
5. looking at the massive laundry pile i have ignored, i am thankful that i do not have to wash this by hand.
6. i am thankful for the days when our mornings run smoothly. today was not that day so it makes me appreciate it even more when it does happen.
7. it was so warm today! i am thankful for the heat during fall.
8. i love my thursdays!!! hubbers takes the boys to school for me so i can sleep in. i am so thankful for the kind, thoughtful man i married. thankful, grateful, blessed beyond measure... there are not enough words to describe how i feel about him.
9. i am feeling lazy and sad so i am thankful that my yogacycle class forces me to get up and leave the house. i will come home in a much better mood. :)
10. progressive dinner at 3 of my favorite restaurants up north - happy sumo, wine and cheese, and asti d'italia. i am thankful for not having to cook! lol.
11. despite having groceries and a meal plan, we ate out every night this last week. i am thankful for the flexibility in our finances to do that.
12. i am thankful for craft fairs.
13. the technology that helps us keep in touch, and gets us from point a to point b is amazing. i am so thankful my husband is home safe and sound after a guys long weekend. it is nice to have him back, even though we were in constant contact while he was gone. :)
14. i am thankful for the opportunity to help people i don't know through charities, such as operation christmas child, arvada food bank, denver rescue mission and our local church.
15. impromptu overnight trip: although i have a ton of stuff to do, i am thankful for spending time with my family (a total of 11-12 hours in the car).
16. so dry in the car. i am thankful for chapstick!
17. i am so thankful for a group of women that makes me feel welcome no matter how often i see them. :)
18. i am thankful my boys enjoy playing hockey. i am thankful my boys are competitive, but good sports about losing. i am thankful my boys listen to their coach and are willing to put in the work to learn better skills.
19. my husband's boss is so generous. i am thankful for the job he provides and the nice things he does for us.
20. i am thankful for all of my friends, who provide support and encouragement to me.  you (i mean it, you) are amazing!
21. i am thankful for a house that accommodates all of my family staying with us during holidays. it's going to be crazy this weekend.
22. woke up to the smell of garlic and lemon. yum! i am thankful for the food that nourishes my body and the people that grow it.
23. i am thankful that there was nothing i wanted so badly that i would brave the crowds and long lines on black friday. i am content with all i have.
24. i am thankful that my family lives close enough to visit often. my children love seeing their cousins and spending time with them.
25. i am thankful my mom likes crab. she treated us to crab buffet last night. so yum!
26. three years ago today, my dad went into the hospital and never came back out. we thought his fight was over, but he was able to eek out six more months. i am thankful for the extra time with him. in addition, i am thankful for the people who work in hospice care. they are amazing, and what they do is a debt that can never be repaid.
27. a friend is having a complete hysterectomy today, after receiving the shocking news that she has ovarian cancer yesterday. please keep hallie in your prayers. i am thankful for modern medicine and inventions that improve our quality of life.
28. i feel like a huge baby complaining about the pinched nerve in my neck when my friend is going through so much. :( i am thankful for my health.
29. i am thankful for massages. <3 br="br">
30. i am thankful that i am forgiven. my sins are great, but my God is merciful. i am thankful that He knows me and loves me anyway.
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