Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my new year's resolutions

“It is always advisable to perceive clearly our ignorance.” ~Charles Darwin

here is my list of 2009 goals:
1.) read one chapter of the new testament each weekday
2.) pray daily for my father to accept salvation
3.) spend 60 minutes a day focusing on my kids’ needs (homework, board games, bedtime routine, etc), instead of being distracted (!!) or focusing on my own chores
4.) call my brother and sister once a week, must talk to them in person not just leave a message
5.) write a letter once a month and MAIL it to my grandparents
6.) make the 2009 budget ($200 more to local charities and food banks, discretionary spending cut of $400, save $200 more a month)
7.) take a photography class
8.) walk on the treadmill every day for at least 5 minutes; try to walk longer 2 or more days a week (up to an hour). consider doing the 'couch to 5k' program during the summer/fall
9.) cut eating out back to once a week or less by march 1
10.) weigh 128 by june 21 (my birthday), a weight loss of 18 pounds
11.) get a complete physical and start the process to have a new baby join our family by september 10 (adoption or experimental surgery)
12.) finish painting the main floor rooms by december 31
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