Sunday, June 7, 2009

happy birthday to me!

my birthday is later this month (but really, i consider the whole month mine. lol). here is a list of 31 things that i love/am grateful for/appreciate/make me happy for the (almost) 31 years i've lived:

1. worshipping my God and Creator
2. paul
3. evan and ryan
4. my extended family
5. my new wedding ring that i am not allergic to :D

6. all things summer - strawberry shortcake, lemonade, picking fresh fruit like watermelon and raspberries, making s'mores, camping, reading while on a boat, the smell of lilacs and cut grass, butterflies, the sun, clothes air drying on the line, bare feet, going to baseball games
7. facebook
8. my nickname from college, minie
9. when my children crawl into my bed in the morning and want to snuggle, even though they are getting older
10. knowing that there is eternal life in heaven! praise God for that!
11. the memories I can share with my children of my parents and grandparents, and the boys getting to spend time with them to create memories of their own
12. taking 'olde time' photos
13. stone churches with tall stained-glass windows; cast iron bathtubs on hardwood floors
14. going to lowe's to look at paint chips
15. the pleasure of singing a lullaby to my kids to calm them down and/or put them to sleep - evan's is "amazing grace" and ryan's is "as the deer"
16. skiing (although i never get to go anymore, i still love it), especially on days the pine trees are covered with ice
17. big bulky warm sweaters
18. fireplaces
19. my life verse (proverbs 31:30) - charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
20. comedians from 'blue collar radio' that make me laugh
21. my computer
22. grease 2, the notebook, steel magnolias
23. the vastness of the universe (and knowing that God was the very first scientist)

24. the immeasurable awe of having a Savior who not only hears my prayers but answers them
25. ruth chris steakhouse
26. sleepytime tea
27. eating warm chocolate chip cookies with milk right before bed
28. dancing to music from the 80s and 90s... you know: baby got back, cotton-eyed joe, funky cold medina, thriller, vanilla ice, etc :p
29. having a husband who is my very best friend and hanging out with him
30. friends the Lord has brought across my path
31. honeysuckle bushes

and a bonus couple, just because: richard marx, sauerkraut, books about dragons and vinegar-based cleaning supplies. :) have a great june everyone!

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  1. Hey, you've been slacking a bit on the blog.

    Also, nice list.


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