Friday, May 14, 2010

mother's day

i wish that i could show you in pictures how perfect my mother's day was. it was one of those dream days when everything fell into place without a bit of effort. it was a day that i will look back on with envy when my kids break a dish (or the refrigerator) or are constantly bickering (about nothing) or when i am running late for everything. but alas, there are no pictures because i still have not replaced the camera that broke in september last year. darn! i have been acutely missing the camera for about a month now, so that means i probably should get on buying a new one.

the day started with the boys leaving the house at 7:15 (to go buy mother's day gifts, but i didn't mind since it gave me the house to myself). i took a long, hot bath and finished re-reading a book. they came home at 10:30 and i opened presents. football made a poem using my name (i need to get that laminated).


artist made a bookmark saying 'mommy' using stickers (the 'm's were actually upside down 'w's, but i won't tell him that).

both boys colored cards at school. they brought me flowers and a pretty new turquoise vase to stick them in. they each picked out two new books for me (as has been tradition for the last two years). i love how their personality shows in which books they choose for me. artist's choices had dark-colored covers and were the urban fantasy books. footballs's books had lighter covers and were romantic comedies. :) bfp bought me two new chairs for my outdoor patio set. it was perfect.

we then took my client out to breakfast. a balloon artist was there and the boys each got monkey-on-a-motorcycle balloons. it was fun. we came home and both bfp and i called our moms, while the boys played out in the sun.

next, we drove down to the local nursery. i enjoyed walking up and down the aisles, and not being rushed out of the store (bfp usually hates going to a store without an agenda). i bought three rose bushes (firefighter red, pumpkin patch orange and a pretty yellow and pink stripe) and a few poppy plants (i have big plans, ambitious plans, in my mind for what i want my yard to look like ten years from now). we came home and the boys got me a glass of tea while i directed bfp where to dig the holes.

we were done with enough time to make it down to 'sonic' for half-price drinks. the boys rollerbladed while we walked behind. after that was a trip to the supermarket to pick out supper. bfp wanted to grill and i wanted to eat out on the patio table. we enjoyed shrimp cocktails, cesear salad, grilled lobster, corn on the cob and fried potatoes with onions. delicious! bfp made everything and cleaned up afterwards too. i did nothing!

we watched 'blindside' as a family (great movie) and bfp surprised me with cheesecake and homemade strawberry puree. he even made a heart-shaped strawberry for me. what a wonderful, perfect day! it will be tough to top this day next year, but i have faith that my family will manage.

what did you do for mother's day?

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