Tuesday, January 1, 2013

checklist from 2013

these are some projects i wanted to accomplish in 2012.  i don't think i did very well.

repaint the family room (light blue) - nope
organize the boys' shoes, hats, gloves, winter coats, etc - check
empty the downstairs closet floor - check, but we just made it messy again
purchase a black bookshelf for the eating nook - nope
wainscoting for the dining room - nope
hang new pictures/wall scones in the dining room - nope
add a fireplace to the living room - check (and it is a beauty!)
new light in the upstairs closet - nope
get the boys' football stickers up - check
drapes in all rooms - nope
sidewalk and patio (cement) - nope
build a workbench - nope
research jobs-from-home - check, but i did nothing with the information (house appraisal jobs)
buy a king bed - nope (we spent a whole day searching but didn't pull the trigger)
sell car and bravada to buy a new vehicle - nope
continue to declutter books! - nope

five of sixteen completed, with two of those not really counting.  ugh!  what happened to my year?  what did i do with my time instead?  i honestly don't know.

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