Thursday, March 28, 2013

list of things worth living for

learning to box
the color yellow
eating an authentic mexican taco
a good smutty book
seeing a flag blowing straight out in the wind
the top of the eiffel tower
humming 'amazing grace' while watching my children sleep
cute running skirts
learning to take close-up pictures of flowers
a good hand massage
eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich
digging your feet into the sand
growing heirloom tomatoes
learning to can your own fruit jelly
tiny baby socks
the first taste of moscato
pretty jewelry
driving a nail in the wall to hang a picture
a sexy man with green eyes and stubble on his chin
holding hands in the theater with my best friend
the color turquoise
funny british comedies on hulu+
my pooch
cream cheese frosting
the smell of freshly cut grass
first ski tracks on a groomed run
the feel of quality hotel sheets
laughing hard at something ridiculous
swing sets
christmas ornaments
trying new cheeses
helping others in need
the hope that things will get better

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