Tuesday, January 22, 2008

well here i am again

so, all in all, i am impressed with myself for january. wanna know why? i have started out actually sticking with my new years resolutions. in fact it is close to the end of january, and i am still going strong. *smirk* not to say that i have no will-power, but usually by this time, i have already dropped one or two for lack of time. and i have a feeling that this blog thing is one i *might* not be able to continue (lack of discipline). but, well, here i am again. second time this month. on here to blog about nothing. :) so i think that has to count for something, right? even if you're not impressed, i am.

dear Lord, help strengthen me in the areas that you want me strengthened and have those that are not important to you wither and fall to the wayside. give me wisdom and discernment. i want to serve you with courage and conviction, Lord, and give glory to you when you use me in my weakness. thank you for the characteristics you gave to me; help me to used them to honor you. amen.

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