Friday, March 28, 2008

i am so excited and just wanted to share

not everybody knows this (well, anybody who knows me knows this), but i am a book whore. yes, you read right...a book whore. i love books and will do anything to get them. that is why i run a review site. :) i have several 'favorite' books and authors, but there is one in particular that i will break the law for - the black dagger brotherhood series by j.r. ward.

so this morning at 7:30 a.m. the fed-ex guy rings the doorbell (i am sooooooo not a morning person). i scramble out of bed and run down to the door (but of course he is already long gone). i spy a little white bubble-wrapped package sitting next to the door, so i cautiously grab it and take it inside. i am ready to toss the thing on the floor until a more reasonable hour, but then i notice the label. delivery from the publisher penguin. my palms get sweaty, my heart races, i am in orgasmic bliss just thinking about the possibilities of what new book has just arrived for my reviewing pleasure. i open it and... (i am sure you know what was in it, but don't spoil my fun) ...guess what it was? LOVER ENSHRINED BY J.R. WARD!!!! freaking LOVER ENCHRINED! the book that is not due out until june and I HAVE AN ADVANCED READER COPY!!!! :) i dropped everything and started to read it (yes i finished it earlier this afternoon [to the neglect of my poor children], but i am going to re-read it again, and again, and again). :)

i do not know how i got to be so lucky! seriously. i feel so lucky and honored. i mean, my review site is small and not even a year old yet. and getting a sneak peek into phury and cormia's story is worth more than winning the lottery to me (and can i just add, IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!). so now, i know that you all are dying to get your hands on a copy to see what has me so excited, but tough luck for you (you'll get no sumpathy from me - and stay away from my copy! - i think i am going to sleep with it just in case. lol.). you will just have to wait until june when 'lover enshrined' comes out on the shelf.

p.s. after i email penguin with my review, i will see if they will let me post it early just to give you a taste. oh, wait. i just realized, i can't talk about this until june. i think i might burst! waaaah.

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