Thursday, March 20, 2008

house update and happy easter

well, time has flown by. easter is here and march is almost over. we closed on our house in february (one month ago from yesterday) and moved into our new house on february 23. we have remodeled a few areas, re-painted, bought new appliances, unpacked and we are now ready to take a break. pictures are on the walls, closets are organized and everything we own has found a new place to call home. :) i am quite impressed with us - it took us over three YEARS to get completely unpacked and moved into our old house and only one MONTH this time. lol. guess we were just super motivated.

we also put in new carpet and baseboards, re-painted, and fixed a few problems in our old house. the work seems to have paid off - we got two offers on our old house last night. we have actually been under contract twice before, so we just pray that this time it all falls into place if it is meant to be.

easter is coming in just a few days. it is the one holiday that we refuse to travel. we travel to see one family or the other for every other holiday including the fourth of july and memorial/labor day weekends. so we have always had easter to ourselves and it was kind of nice. this year, my immediate family is coming down to celebrate the resurrection of jesus with us and see the new house. fourteen people are going to be staying with us in our house. i guess if we could do it in the old house at half the size, we can do it now. :) i am excited to see everybody and yet nervous. i love my house and my husband loves the house; we love it more everyday we live there. we know we got a fantastic deal on it. but it would be nice to get some validation that my family is impressed with it too (and with us). who knows if we will get it or not (they aren't easily impressed with materialistic things). but even if we don't, i am proud of it and us.

well, the boys need my attention this morning so that is all for now. happy easter!

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  1. Sounds like you've been busy! Thanks for the great chat last night.


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