Friday, November 27, 2009

countdown to thanksgiving

i got started late, but each day on facebook, i said one thing i was grateful for. here is my list:

1. my brother and his wife (and my sister)
2. that my children get along with their cousins
3. BOOKS!!!
4. my crockpot
5. hot apple cider
6. that i was born an american
7. veterans
8. that my belief in God gives me purpose and peace
9. the computer
10. internet
11. fireplaces on a snowy night
12. my friends
13. eating out/restaurants
14. card games
15. knitting
16. making new friends and reconnecting with old ones
17. healing medicine
18. the bible
19. k-love and other christian radio stations
20. art made by my children
21. that i am college-educated
22. mechanics
23. flowers
24. alcohol :)
25. pets
26. my extended family
27. my hard-working husband (!!!)
28. my husband's job
29. mafia wars
30. a thick skin

what are thankful for this year?

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