Thursday, December 31, 2009


well, my word for today is organization (which makes sense as today is the eve of a new year and new decade). i would like for my life to become more stream-lined and routine than it currently is. the way for me to do that is to get organized and set mini-goals to achieve during the year. last year, i took on way too many new things that i wanted to change/improve (you can see the list here), so several of this year's resolutions are repeats or revisions.

"If we allow God to prune us more often by His Word, we avoid a portion of our pruning through circumstances." ~Beth Moore

1.) read one chapter of the new testament each weekday
2.) teach my children to pray more deliberately, and pray more purposefully for my children
3.) spend 30 minutes a day PLAYING with my kids (board games, card games, outside)
4.) call my brother and sister once a week, leaving a message for them counts
5.) write a letter (or card) once a month and MAIL it to my grandparents
6.) continue to work on my '35 things by 35' list (found here)
7.) make 2 nights a week be meatless meals by april 30
8.) continue using the 'couch to 5k' program and run a 10k with my friend amy by august 1
9.) make time for my vanity everyday, including using a face moisturizer and wearing mascara
10.) take a 'girl's vacation' with just my mom, sister and sister-in-law
11.) finish painting the boys' room by february 15, living room by july 31, the dining room (with new wainscoting) by october 1
12.) release more books than i receive (yeah as a review website owner, that one is VERY ambitious, but you gotta start somewhere, right? *wink*)

i'd also like to be more aware of why i like myself and the good things i have to offer my friends, which will likely be january's post. lol.

what do you want in 2010?

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