Tuesday, February 8, 2011

embracing the path

generosity comes easily to some people. for me, it is usually a secondary thought. like when you are talking with someone, and after they have walked away you remember that you forgot to ask them how they are doing since their husband lost his job or their pet died or whatever. for my husband, generosity comes naturally. he is eager to be helpful and thoughtful.

this morning the snow was coming down in bucketfuls. bfp woke me up and said, 'i want you to take my vehicle this morning'. i mumbled 'okay' and rolled over to go back to sleep. bfp left me a sweet note with his keys and even turned the vehicle around so i could pull straight out of the garage instead of backing up. he has embraced being generous.

i am helpful and thoughtful too, but it takes more of an effort on my part. i am glad that i am challenging myself to be more conscious of giving this month. it is helping me to see where God can shine through me in the little things.

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