Monday, February 7, 2011

it's the little things i love

you know how sometimes you get in a funk and you can't get out of it? well that's been me lately with cleaning the house. i was in a funk. i couldn't get out of it.

i decided to switch things up.

i wrote down 12 chores i do to keep the main floor clean on notecards - mudroom, bathroom, clutter, dust, sweep, mop, dining table, vacuum, dishes, counters, trash and mirrors.

now we make cleaning a game that everyone participates in. everyone draws a card (keeping mopping and the counter out until sweeping and dishes are done), i set the timer for 10 minutes and we race to complete it. we do this 3 times for a half hour total. ten minutes is the limit so if the chore isn't done, it will wait for the next cleaning. now that we have been doing this bi-weekly (or more), each chore usually takes less than the ten minutes to complete! the kids are so proud when they beat the timer.

i am loving it and the boys, including bfp, don't mind helping out either. i love how much time it saves me (30 minutes of cleaning versus 2 hours). i love that the kids are helping more without a fight. i love that no one has the same job to do each time. i love that it makes cleaning a little bit fun.

it's the little things.

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