Wednesday, February 2, 2011


what does it mean to serve someone? more specifically, what is the meaning of 'serve'?

-to be of use or benefit
-to prepare and offer
-to wait on
-to give obedience
-to labor on behalf of
-to exert yourself in aid of

having made the decision to give more generously of my self (my time and my talents) during february, i am placing myself in the service of my children again today (another snow day). we are making crafts, playing computer games together and talking.

it sounds idyllic, but it is tiring to practice an attitude of servanthood towards my children. i was bound to their needs when they were younger, but i kind of felt like because they were older, we were beyond this. yesterday and today have shown me how much my children still need and want my undivided attention. no matter how tired i am.

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