Thursday, January 27, 2011

my natural habits are not my best habits

i struggle with myself sometimes. the things that i want to get done fight with the work required to DO them. does that make sense? my natural inclination is to rest, take it easy, watch some t.v., be lazy. but goals can't be accomplished by resting, taking it easy, watching some t.v., or being lazy. i am fighting against inertia.

inertia is a habit i have allowed myself to get away with when saying that 'good enough' is okay.

i believe (for most things) lasting change comes slowly. so slowly it almost doesn't seem like change. we've all heard 'slow and steady wins the race'. it is especially true when the race is a long one. a life-long one.

the problem is i want the change NOW.

i want to be the Godly woman i see in my head, the proverbs 31 woman - the one that prays eloquently, the one that knows the bible inside and out, the one who is a good communicator and companion for her spouse, the one who is the most beloved mommy, the one who makes their house a home/haven/refuge, the one who works a career successfully and prosperously, who is beautiful and healthy and fit.

people that say 'patience is a virtue' are wrong. patience is a habit. just like saying 'no' to sweets and snacks is a habit. just like brushing your teeth everyday is a habit. just like becoming THAT woman is a habit.

habits are reinforced action. inertia can be pushed into momentum.

my goals become reality when i choose the 'better' habit instead of the 'natural' habit... everyday. i become the person who can accomplish great things for the glory of God.

i am my habits. so i better make them good ones.

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