Saturday, January 8, 2011

productive saturday = lazy sunday

i love it when we have a productive day. i love it even more when that productive day is on a saturday, which means our sunday will be couch-potato-land. :) we went to the elks hoop shoot for the oldest to compete (he had fun), took cocoa to the vet for her yearly check-up (she did not), did a load of dishes (put away clean and loaded up again), completely cleaned the kitchen, dusted and vacuumed the living room, had a nice family meal for lunch, cleaned the dining room, exercised (ouch! poor thighs), completed six loads of laundry (i normally do a load a day but this week i didn't, so it was all done today), oldest son went to his first reconciliation at church, the boys picked up their room, i cleaned the downstairs bathroom, we all watched some football, and then took the boys to barnes and noble as a treat for helping us so much today. :) whoo-hoo!

thank you, Lord, for this wonderful day.

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