Sunday, January 23, 2011

simplify sunday

i like easy. i like simple. i sometimes confused easy for simple... do you?

i'm slowly realizing the two are NOT the same. easy means not difficult, requiring no effort, free from reflection. simple means modest, humble, one part, not blended, uncomplicated.

as i try to simplify some aspects in my life, i am becoming more aware that sometimes simple is hard. it requires thought, work, and continuous effort. it requires routines and organization. it requires attention.

we are trying to cut back on eating out. it is easy to grab something in the drive-thru or let someone else cook at a restaurant. you don't have to think beforehand about what's for dinner. you don't have to plan ahead or buy groceries. you don't have to do the actual cooking or cleaning up. why not stick with easy? because easy comes at a cost. the cost for us is finances and health.

on the other hand, it is simple to prepare a nutritious, healthy meal for my family. to do this, i just need to plan ahead. even though planning ahead may sometimes be difficult and time-consuming, it frees me from stress.

same with clearing out clutter. it is easy to run to the store and be dazzled by some beautiful item you just have to have. it is simpler to only buy what you need to keep your home running smoothly. what happens when you accumulate more than you need? it becomes clutter, and causes you anxiety and strife. sifting through the memories attached to a physical item is definitely not easy; but the feeling of harmony from having only what you need, use and love is simple.

living a balanced life is simple but not easy. what might take more planning on your part to make your life less complicated? what 'stuff' can you release to live more modestly?

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