Tuesday, January 25, 2011

work willingly

my parents taught me to work hard, but they didn't teach me to work joyfully. or maybe they tried and i just failed at it. (what can i say? i'm deeply flawed.) if you are like me and can stand to have a little less chaos in your life, then try implementing some short and easy routines to your morning, afternoon and before bed. mine are pretty simple and are easy to do with a happy heart.

-Make Bed
-20-30 Minutes of Exercise
-Get Dressed to Shoes
-Moisturize Face/Wear Mascara
-Quickly Clean up the Sink
-Check the Calendar
-Eat Breakfast/Take Medicine

-Feed Cocoa (kids)
-Empty Dishwasher (kids)
-Homework (kids)
-Read One Chapter in the Bible
-Reboot Laundry (one load a day)
-Clean or De-Clutter Paper for 15 Minutes
-Play a Game
-Start Supper
-Drink 8 Glasses of Water

-Check the Calendar
-Lay out Clothes for Tomorrow
-Put Needed Items at the Door
-Spend 2 Minutes Cleaning Living Room
-Clean off Countertops
-Feed Cocoa
-Drink Water/Take Medicine
-Wash Face/Brush Teeth
-Go to Bed by 11p.m.

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