Saturday, January 1, 2011

starting the year off right

last year's resolutions are here. some of this year's resolutions may seem familiar. i was successful completing most of them, but they don't feel like a habit yet so i will be repeating them.

1.) read one chapter of the new testament each weekday
2.) teach my children to pray more deliberately, and pray more purposefully for my children
3.) continue to spend 30 minutes a day PLAYING with my kids (board games, card games, wii, outside) and read to them before bed
4.) make time for my vanity everyday, including using a face moisturizer, wearing mascara and exercising at least 20 minutes
5.) call my brother and sister once a week, leaving a message for them counts
6.) write a letter (or card) once a month and MAIL it to my grandpa
7.) run (without walking) a 15k with my friend nicole on march 27
8.) make 2 nights a week be meatless meals by may 30
9.) finish painting the dining room (with new wainscoting) by july 30
10.) take a 'girl's vacation' with just my mom, sister and sister-in-law by september 30
11.) be pregnant or start adoption process by november 1
12.) clean off my kitchen counters every night before bed

**what are your new year's resolutions?

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