Thursday, January 20, 2011

thankfulness thursday

i have much to be thankful for. my beautiful home, my sweet puppy, my healthy kids, my husband who provides so well for us. i am abundantly blessed.

this morning i am thankful for my clean kitchen countertops that hubby shined for me last night. i am thankful to be spending my day with a client i enjoy. i am thankful for a website to track my calories and the friends i have made there. i am thankful for the delicious meal i made for lunch. i am thankful for HEAT and warm water. i am thankful for my car that allows me freedom. i am thankful for my date on sunday morning with my husband (running a 5k called the polar bear run). i am thankful for winter exercise clothes. i am thankful for the money my dad left me (the check arrived and i need to cash it). i am thankful for my sister's happiness and my brother's future child. i am thankful for my mom's generous spirit. i am thankful for beauty that God created (internal and external). i am thankful for computers.


  1. Thank you so much for the reminder to be thankful. It is easy to forget in the rush of life.

  2. I am super thankful but I believe I forgot about how generous God is and that everything God has given me is a gift for me to share with others. I am taking steps to make this real in my own life, I am doing one thing(weekly) for all those people in my life that I know need to feel and remember God's generosity in a time of darkness. It started last week with a ride and some groceries.


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